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Statement of Commitment

The members of the Board of Directors of Cranaleith Spiritual Center add our voices to those who affirm that the lives of our Black brothers and sisters matter. We also acknowledge the trauma that our failures to do so consistently cause for People of Color among us. Heartened by the historic efforts of staff, program...

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Fall 2020 Reopening Plan For COVID-19

Welcome! We are so happy that you will soon be with us on the grounds of Cranaleith Spiritual Center. We will do our best to help you to be renewed and refreshed. In order to balance concern for your health and safety with our mission of hospitality, we have created the following plan.

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A Special Message From the Board of Directors

On behalf of the Cranaleith Board of Directors, it is with great pleasure and significant excitement that we announce the appointment of Deborah Kost to be the next Executive Director of the Cranaleith Spiritual Center, effective August 1, 2020.

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The Photography of Marge Worstall

Marge Worstall is a retreatant who visits our property regularly for walks. We noticed her amazing photos on social media and asked her to share a few with us here.

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Living Mercy in the Pandemic

Recently, Cranaleith hosted an online panel discussion entitled, “The Pandemic and Those Most Vulnerable.” The panelists each minister in Philadelphia’s center city or its Kensington neighborhood. Their stories and reflections were beautiful and challenging. What follows are highlights.

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Becoming Real

Author and poet Rilke posed the question, “When does God pour the earth, the stars, into us?” It is a striking way of reflecting upon the idea of work and creativity and our becoming real.

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Times We Are Drawn to the Edge - Earth Day

Thinking about these days and how at times we are drawn to the edge, the edge in nature that is, in the liminal spaces or to use a Celtic term the thin places. To me, these special places are invitations for contemplation of how God revels God’s self in creation.