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Join us for one of our upcoming retreats and spiritual programs!  Please note that some programs are on-site at Cranaleith and some are held virtually via Zoom.  Scholarships are available for all programs, because everyone is welcome at Cranaleith!  See program descriptions for more details.

Knit, Crochet, Pray Together, July-Sept 2021

Cathy Maguire RSM

July 6 - September 28, 2021
This group meets at Cranaleith on the first, third and fifth Tuesdays of the month through September.  Sessions take place on Zoom the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.
Those of us who knit and crochet know its positive impact on our body, mind and spirit.  Join us to continue a centuries-old tradition of blending creativity with reflection and sharing of life.  Create a prayer shawl/scarf/hat for the Red Scarf Project or children in need or bring your own…

Interspiritual Practice of Zen and Christianity (online)

Ellen Birx

July 24, 2021
Zen practice will be presented as a way to love God with your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength by helping you develop the discipline to show up each day to spend quality time with God, undistracted by thoughts, concepts, theories, images, and daydreams.

Invited to Something New: An Outdoor Morning Retreat

Bernadette Rudolph

July 31, 2021
Cranaleith Spiritual Center
If you do not have much experience with a spiritual center or a retreat, here’s your opportunity to check them out!  Cranaleith is here to support people on their spiritual journey.  Its natural beauty, pond, trees and history can each be an avenue to go deeper or slow down.

The Land of Enchantment: A Stay-at Home Pilgrimage to New Mexico (online)

Mickey O. McGrath, OSFS

August 4, 2021
Traveling is not easy these days, or even possible for some.  But you can be a pilgrim in your easy chair at home!  Brother Mickey McGrath will bring the Land of Enchantment to you by way of his sketches, paintings and stories on this virtual Arts and Faith Tour.

Movements of Grace: Catherine McAuley on Joy and Sorrow (online)

Mary Trainer, RSM

August 9, 2021
Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, closed one of her letters to the community with the exclamation: "Dance every evening!”  From whence this playful spirit?

Releasing Our Angels

Renee Yann, RSM

August 14, 2021
Cranaleith Spiritual Center
We invite you to join us for a peaceful time for prayerful poetry writing. Release the angel within! 

Twilight Time: Betwixt and Between

Bernadette Rudolph

August 26, 2021
Cranaleith Spiritual Center
In this time when none of our categories fit, when relief and sadness mingle, the Spirit whispers to us in the gloaming and the evening breeze. Watch as the light changes: life veiled, God’s mercy revealed.

Song of the Caged Bird: A Retreat Day for Women Veterans

Maria DiBello, RSM

August 28, 2021
Cranaleith Spiritual Center
Each of us knows the song of sorrow and longing.  Each of us is allured by the song of freedom and joy.  On this day of reflection and sharing, we will share our heart’s song with others who have lived its story.
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