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Retreats allow us to withdraw from the busyness of life and to reflect on and deepen our relationship with God. Use this time for rest, prayer, discernment and/or reflection. Whether you opt for private or directed, virtual or on-site, catered or self-catered, we look forward to welcoming you with mercy hospitality! Call 215-934-6206 or write to with any additional questions.

Individual Retreat Options

Maria DiBello, RSM and Mary Trainer, RSM

Open Dates
Cranaleith Spiritual Center
We are grateful to provide opportunities for retreats, even during the Pandemic. Cranaleith has developed safe and workable options despite challenges posed by COVID19. Our retreats call for receptivity to the movements of the spirit and are adapted to the needs of each individual.
COVID-19 Policies for All Guests
We prioritize your health and safety with hospitality and mercy.