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0 people served since 1998
0 groups hosted meetings last year
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on what matters in life

  • Nurture your faith through programs and retreats
  • Deepen your relationship with God, privately or with a spiritual director
  • Stop, listen deeply and reflect clearly on what matters


your spirit for life or work

  • Unplug and recharge from work-related stress, especially in the fields of ministry, healthcare, and human services
  • Heal and transform in a healthy environment filled with beauty and connection to the Earth
  • Return to the world replenished for the challenges ahead


from trauma

  • Find healing and strength in the midst of your suffering
  • Recover from the war wounds experienced as a veteran
  • As a nonprofit, partner with us to serve clients suffering from poverty, abuse, addiction, mental illness or homelessness

Stories of Transformation

Since 2010, Cranaleith has partnered with CATCH (Citizens Acting Together Can Help, Inc.) to serve Philadelphians, suffering from poverty and severe behavioral health issues. “Cranaleith offers an environment of natural beauty that is conducive to healing, dignity, and respect,” says John Bumbaca, CATCH’s former Mental Health Director.

A woman holding up some leaves in the grass