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Join us for a half-day or day-long program to process how recent events have impacted individuals and teams and to regroup as you continue your journey.

A blue and white logo with the words statement of commitment from the board of directors.In this time of COVID-19, your staff can carry grief and trauma, isolation and frustration. Cranaleith offers a place of sanctuary where we can listen deeply, rekindle your mission, and renew your spirit. Our programs offer opportunities for healing and restoration, whether virtually or in person. Allow us to facilitate a program customized for your needs.

As a mission-driven nonprofit, we welcome groups and organizations seeking extended time together for problem-solving, collaboration, learning, and connection. We host faith communities from diverse spiritual traditions, health and social service organizations, and schools and universities for retreats, educational programs, strategic planning workshops, and operational meetings.

Who would benefit?

  • Teachers and Administrators
  • Nonprofit Staff
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Social Service Workers
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Caregivers
  • Chaplains
  • Parish Ministers
  • Campus Ministers

Programs can include:

  • Input from a facilitator
  • Individual reflection time
  • Large group discussion
  • Small group sharing
  • Creative response
  • Visioning
  • Team-building exercises
  • Strategic planning
  • Brainstorming

Program Themes:

A New Beginning
Explore the gifts and challenges of reopening during the pandemic. What experience do we carry? What will we need for the year’s journey?

The world has changed dramatically. How are we being changed? What do we leave behind? What do we want to take forward? What sustains us for the new reality?

Healing from Overwhelming Compassion Fatigue
How do we find hope in the traumas we have experienced? How do we care for ourselves and for one another? How do we create space to grieve and discover new life?

Re-Connecting as a Team
Our time apart and our struggles have changed us as individuals. Explore the changes and how we can leverage them to be a stronger team moving forward in this new reality.

A Way through Suffering
The pandemic and racism have amplified suffering for many and caused new suffering for others in many different ways. What should we do with our grief? What should we do with all the questions we have – about life, our purpose and a way forward? See where we are against the larger backdrop of Love and Hope that provide us with direction and healing.

Our experienced staff can work with you to develop other topics.