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A map of the park shows all the areas to go.

1. Labyrinth
The Labyrinth is a path outlined in rock and gravel. It is located near the concrete stairway that leads to the Conference Center. The path is circular and full of turns and bends. As you walk the Labyrinth, take slow meditative steps. Unwind and yield to the mysterious place which is held at the center, the source from which each of us came and to which each will return.

2. Peace Pole
The Peace Pole is located on the lawn near the front entrance. It serves as a beacon of healing energy, and a channel of peace. Each person is invited to send prayers and blessings forth to all directions while standing in front of the peace pole. With this heartfelt intention, one can be in solidarity with people throughout the world.

3. Beehives and Honey Hut
Cranaleith tends six hives and annually harvests hundreds of pounds of honey that can be purchased in the Gift Shop located in the Conference Center. We also offer beekeeping workshops that provide actual hands-on experience.

4. High Tunnel and Organic Vegetable Garden
The organic vegetable garden is tended by volunteers and retreat groups. In addition, workshops and educational programs are offered for those who want to learn about sustainable gardening practices. As an added benefit for those staying at Cranaleith, freshly harvested produce is used in our farm-to-table cuisine.

5. Hen House
Our 6 laying hens are hormone and anti-biotic free and dine on solely organic feed. While our hens do not lay enough eggs for all of our kitchen’s needs, they do provide a supplemental source. These fresh eggs make our home-baked breads and pastries exceptionally scrumptious.

6. Seedbed Hothouse
The seeds for our organic vegetable garden are sprouted in this climate controlled hothouse. Only non-GMO seeds of heirloom varieties are used.

7. Pond and Natural Spring
The pond is fed by a natural underground spring, which flows constantly and is a pristine source of water. The pond creates an eco-system of diversity that sustains plants, fish, birds, and other wildlife. The sound of running water and the clear face of the pond serve as a peaceful escape to refresh the soul.

8. Stations of the Cross
Located on the side of the Main House is an outdoor Stations of the Cross. The Stations’ path offers a quiet, reflective opportunity to follow Our Lord’s footsteps through His Passion and death. As you walk the Stations notice each one as a small retreat where you can stop and deeply contemplate and reflect on our Lord’s sacrifice for us.

9. Native American Memorial
These large rock boulders were taken from the edge of the property and relocated near the Administration Building as a memorial to the Lenni-Lenape Indians, the original inhabitants of this land. The Lenni-Lenape were good stewards of the land and lived in harmony with the earth. They did not violate the balance of nature’s ecosystem. This memorial serves to acknowledge the suffering and injustice born by Native Americans throughout the generations as the Western world has been keen to dominate and prosper at their expense.