$75,000 Matching Gift Challenge

$75,000 Matching Gift Challenge

At Cranaleith, we believe that tending to the needs of the human spirit is essential work.

That’s why we have worked for over twenty years to provide people on the margins of society with the spiritual solace and renewal so often denied them. And as we grapple with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are more committed than ever to carrying out our mission.

In the midst of challenges and financial losses, we are thrilled to announce that Cranaleith supporters Ron Selzer of the Broken Wing Foundation and Jeanne and Francis Trainer, Jr., have pledged to match all gifts to the 2020-2021 annual appeal up to $75,000! We are asking you, our friends and supporters, to help us rise to the challenge and match these incredibly generous donations by April 30, 2021. With your financial support, Cranaleith will continue to be accessible to all who seek rest and renewal of the spirit.

Your gift will support:

Programs for Women Veterans
Our “Coming Home, Becoming Whole” program offers retreat opportunities for returning and those that serve vets to address the spiritual dimension of healing from the trauma of war, to unmask the wound and contagion of violence in our society, and to reveal streams of transforming grace through the experience of Veterans. The retreats at Cranaleith provide opportunities to come together in a supportive environment to tend the soul-wounds of war, to rekindle hope and compassion, and to reconnect to the wisdom of your heart. No cost for these days.

Retreats for Our Community Partners
Cranaleith offers formal and informal retreat opportunities for marginalized men and women receiving support from human service agencies as they deal with homelessness, abuse, mental illness, poverty, and other trauma. Through a guided process of non-denominational reflection, dialogue and response, we seek to awaken spiritual resources that foster self-esteem, hope, dignity, and peace. Exercises draw on metaphor to tap imagination, creativity, and resilience. With growing recognition of the importance of spirituality in the healing process, Cranaleith is viewed by our partners as playing an essential role in the continuum of social services.

Eco-Spirituality Programs
Drawing on our 10-acre property, we offer a range of programs that engage and inspire participants to immerse themselves in environmental concerns. Creative and hands-on programs, such as gardening, farm practices, and cooking, are employed to raise awareness about care for the earth and each other. Our Garden Wisdom program provides eco-therapy to clients from local nonprofits.

Conversations That Matter
Conversations That Matter is a forum for contemplative dialogue and understanding. People of all affiliations and backgrounds are invited to participate in this meaningful and civil discussion for personal and social transformation.

Other ways to give:

  • Send a check made payable to Cranaleith Spiritual Center to:
    13475 Proctor Road, Philadelphia, PA 19116
  • Call Cranaleith at 215-934-6206

From all of us at Cranaleith, thank you for your generous support! 

COVID-19 Policies for All Guests
We prioritize your health and safety with hospitality and mercy.