Spiritual Programs

Themed day, evening and overnight programs provide support and a safe space for those discovering, probing or nurturing spiritual issues and relationships at the heart of life. Special emphasis is placed on connecting people of vastly different circumstances in an atmosphere of mutuality and respect. All spiritual programs exist on a spectrum, so there will be overlapping elements among them. View upcoming spiritual programs on our calendar.

Days, Mornings and Evenings of Reflection
These are a type of mini-retreat and are centered on a variety of spiritual themes and topics. A Cranaleith presenter will utilize one or more of the following elements: a presentation, soul-stirring music, art, an art project, poetry, videos, individual reflection, small and large group discussion and, of course, prayer. (We try to indicate in the description what you can expect.)

Contemplative Dialogues
Issues in society have a spiritual dimension that must be acknowledged in a communal setting. Cranaleith provides a forum for civil conversation and understanding. People of all affiliations and backgrounds are invited to participate in meaningful and civil discussion on pressing social issues from anti-racism to forced migration, from women’s issues to care for the planet and non-violence. Each program consists of a presentation or facilitated panel discussion with time for group discussion and individual reflection. (We try to indicate in the description what you can expect.) The Conversations That Matter series, led by Sharon Browning, director of Just Listening, and our recent young adult panel on anti-racism are examples of this programming.

Drawing on our 10-acre property, we offer a range of programs that engage and inspire participants to immerse themselves in environmental concerns. Creative and hands-on programs, such as gardening, farm practices, and cooking, are employed to raise awareness about care for the earth and each other. Our Garden Wisdom program provides eco-therapy to clients from local nonprofits.