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Days of Reflection and Wellness for Female Veterans: “Coming Home, Becoming Whole”

Women veterans face unique challenges when returning from combat, often carrying stress, grief, numbness, and anxiety in their spirits and bodies. These days of reflection, healing and wellness offer opportunities to come together in a supportive environment with others who have shared similar experiences. We invite you to come to Cranaleith to tend to your soul-wounds of war; rekindle hope and compassion and reconnect to the wisdom of your own heart.

Facilitators: Maria DiBello, RSM and Cathy Maguire, RSM
Cost: FREE (includes lunch)

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Aronda Smith-Benson

Stories of Transformation

Aronda Smith-Benson is a member of Cranaleith’s board and a decorated Army veteran. “Safety, reverence, and gentle guidance welcome those who come to Cranaleith’s retreat days for women vets,” says Aronda. Women can tell their stories from an honest place, and be invited to find hope, resilience, and courage within themselves. I see enormous possibilities for Cranaleith to connect to service-providers, and offer something essential to healing the wounds so many carry.”  

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