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Please join us as we celebrate 25 Years at Cranaleith Spiritual Center!

We hope you are able to join us for an evening of celebration at Knowlton Mansion in Philadelphia as we honor Sr. Mary Scullion, Sr. Maria DiBello, and Joyce Hadley.

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, we are hosting our 25th Anniversary Gala. We are excited to celebrate the dedication of Cranaleith staff, volunteers, and donors that have helped carry out our mission of Mercy over the years touching the lives of over 55,000 guests.


25th Anniversary Honoree

A woman with glasses and red hair wearing a blue shirt.


Founders Award

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25th Anniversary Honoree

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It was helpful to share in the small groups. Seeing that we all have our struggles, I found that I need to be more gentle with myself and others.

– Participant enrolled in program “From Stress to Peace: Therese of Lisieux and the Way of Nonviolent Love facilitated by Marisa Guerin, PhD


More continues to be revealed. I personally continue to evolve spiritually in ways I had not realized but with some resistance. The workshop evoked a compassion I had not known was within.

– Participant enrolled in program “To Sustain You: A Spirituality of Social Justice”, facilitated by Rev. Dr.
Phaedra D. Blocker

"Find Hope

It feels like we are all in a stage of healing from a sickness / grief. It will take time and understanding. Not everyone is ready or accepted the diagnosis. It’s a healing process, but if not attended to could cause more damage.

– Participant enrolled in program “Nice Racism”, facilitated by Tylia Barnes

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