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Kevin Barr

Kevin Barr has had a passion for Male Spirituality since 2001 when he attended a Men’s Rite of Passage (MROP) with Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr, and 110 men from around the world. His work with men seeking wholeness/oneness has continued over the years including the six years he was Director of Saint John’s Hospice, a large homeless shelter for men in the center of Philadelphia.

Kevin has a master’s degree in religious studies from St. Charles Seminary and Spiritual Direction Certification from Neumann University.  Kevin and his wife, Debbie, are blessed with seven children and nine grandchildren!

Events with Kevin Barr

Awareness and Oneness: Finding New Spiritual Pathways for Men (onsite)
June 24, 2023

There is only one core sin… the belief that we are somehow separate from God. Richard Rohr, OFM Move beyond habitual, fear-based thoughts and emotions and become AWARE of an inner knowing, an open mind/heart coherence allowing us to experience and embody more of the divine flow of the life…