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Athena Dugan

Athena Dugan creates Labyrinths and one-of-a-kind jewelry and crafts. She is Volunteers Coordinator and Regional Representative with the Labyrinth Society. She hosts monthly online Handheld Labyrinth Walks, and is host of the blog/talk radio, Living Labyrinths. Athena is the founder of Walkers of the Labyrinth.

Walkers of the Labyrinth creates handheld labyrinths and labyrinth products, and facilitates labyrinth walks, privately and for community. Athena is a Veriditas-certified Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator, a certified Soundbath and Mindfulness Meditation practitioner. Athena’s facilitated temporary labyrinths are participatory walking meditations with the inclusion of chant, song and music as an aid to clarity and the transformative changes the labyrinth offers.

“Whenever I see flat land or an open space, I envision a labyrinth. The location sets the tone and encourages an open mind that gives one the freedom to walk and enhance your experience.”

Contact her at athenadugan@gmail.com or www.walkersofthelabyrinth.com or (267)466- 9849.

Events with Athena Dugan

Spring Labyrinth Walk of Renewal: In Preparation for Daylight Saving Time
March 8, 2024

Daylight saving time is near. The equinox quickly approaches, and Spring is in our midst. As the cold winter starts to warm, the earth replenishes herself and so can we. It is a time when days become longer, and new life begins to bud. Join us for a labyrinth walk to glean what has…