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Barbara Bluejay Michalksi

Bluejay, aka Barbara Michalski, was given the name by her grandfather, Bill Thompson, late Chief Whippoorwill of the Unalachtigo (people near the ocean) Tribe of the Turkey Clan. She is a member of Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania (LNPA), and she has immersed herself in the activities of the Nation. Bluejay is serving on the Tribal Council; she is the Tribal Secretary and one of the Storytellers of the Nation. Last year she was appointed Chief of Culture. She has been participating in educating the public by attending events or festivals in the Lenapehokink (Homeland of the Lenape). But most of all, Bluejay loves to teach children the history of the Lenape Nation through crafts, storytelling, and artifacts as she visits numerous area schools and children’s groups, such as the Boy and Girl Scouts and children camps. Bluejay has also been involved in environmental issues, particularly working for clean water and protecting our Earth Mother. Recently, there have been many requests on medicinal plants, and she has been working to learn more about the plant nation and did her first zoom presentation on this subject in November 2022. Bluejay attends Lenape Language class in Unami Dialect through LNPA via Zoom to help keep endangered language alive.

Events with Barbara Bluejay Michalksi

Lenape History and Storytelling with Barbara Bluejay Michalksi
July 28, 2024

Join us for a family friendly program on the Lenape People led by Chief Barbara Bluejay Michalski. The afternoon will feature history and stories of the Lenape People as well as a brief walk on the grounds to discuss the plants and trees at Cranaleith with significance to the Lenape…