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Michelle Rothwell

Michelle is a practicing Fine Artist, Designer, Educator, and Author with over 30 years experience as a creative professional. Her artwork has been shown in national and international juried shows, group exhibitions, and in solo shows.

As an Associate Professor of Art, Media, and Design, she developed college degree programs and dozens of college courses, including founding the Game Art, BFA program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. As a professional designer, her client list includes DuPont, Proctor & Gamble, GlaxoSmith-Kline, Merrill Lynch, SAP, and others.

Michelle is the Founder of Holistic Creativity, LLC, a supportive program for transformational creative development. In 2019 she published a book, Holistic Creativity: A Complete Course for Inspired Productivity.

She has been both a devotee and mentor in Mystical and Mindfulness practices for over 20 years.


Events with Michelle Rothwell

A Healing Path to a More Creative Life (3 Tuesdays) - ONLINE!
April 2 - 16, 2024

Most of us hope to experience the joy of our initiate creative impulses. Yet, Life has often made that feel out of reach. You may need to mend the “Broken Artist” that dwells inside you. Many of us have suffered so many disappointments and difficulties —both small and large— that…

Spiritual Practices for Creative Fulfillment (3 Tuesdays) - ONLINE!
April 23 - May 7, 2024

Both Neuroscience and Mysticism confirm that there exists an optimum state-of-mind for all stages of the creative process, including harnessing inspiration, analyzing opportunities, cultivating original ideas, developing techniques, or producing and disseminating work. Now you can discover a simple-yet-powerful process that can transform your creative practice which takes as little…