Cranaleith Program Director On Popular Podcast

A woman with short hair smiles for the camera.

Bernadette Rudolph, program director at Cranaleith Spiritual Center in Philadelphia and a certified Spiritual Director, was a guest on the popular, “The Forgiveness Lab” podcast. Her episode is titled, “Forgiveness and the Spiritual Journey.”

From The Forgiveness Lab:

“She [Bernadette] endlessly explores how God is mixed up in human lives and tries to help others see it as well. Bernadette has a rich background that has included teaching at Villanova and Marywood Universities, pastoral ministry in a parish setting, serving as a diocesan director for Family and Community Development, being a middle and high school teacher and a K-8 principal, and serving as a lay missionary. She loves to explore what lies beneath the surface of life. This spring Bernadette is offering a series entitled “Confrontation and Troublemaking: Gospel Perspectives.”

Cranaleith Spiritual Center is a welcoming space for those who wish to reflect on what matters deeply in their lives, renew their spirits for life and work, or restore themselves from life’s traumas. It is holy ground for healing and inspiration. Cranaleith is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Mercy.

Hit the link below to listen in as we discuss Forgiveness and the Spiritual Journey, with Bernadette sharing more about Cranaleith and its mission.”

Listen to the podcast HERE.