Caring for Our Corner of Creation

Cranaleith autumn foliage

At Cranaleith, we are committed to extending Mercy hospitality to all who come here and to caring for this corner of creation which has been entrusted to us. Our vision ensures that visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of this place for years to come. Here are some of the ways we are working to sustain and nourish Cranaleith.


• We source food locally whenever possible. Many meals are made from scratch, including salad dressings and sauces. This allows us to make only what is needed and eliminate waste.
• We serve fair-trade coffee, tea and sugar.
• Uneaten meals are given to those in need.
• We have decreased our use of disposable products by using mostly real plates, glasses and mugs. When necessary, we use compostable paper products.
• Raw food waste is recycled into a compost pile that is used in our gardens and flower beds or fed to our chickens.


• We recycle plastics, paper products, aluminum, tin cans, glass and cardboard and we participate in Philacycle
• Light bulbs have been switched from incandescent to CFL .


• Flower clippings, spent annuals, previous year’s perennials and leaves are added to the compost mix.
• We use companion planting techniques and invite beneficial insects for pollination and pest control.
• We use non genetically modified heirloom organic seeds and use energy efficient planting techniques such as spiral and keyhole gardening.
• Many or our trees are native and selected to be beneficial to humans, birds and animals.
• Chemicals are used sparingly on the grounds. Organic insecticides, like neem oil, are generally used.
• Rain barrels are used to conserve water.