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The Human Spirit

The human spirit refers to all the non-physical parts of a person, including the will, the emotions, the intellect, imagination, values and memories.  We may ignore or neglect parts or even all of the human spirit at times, but it is always there.

Cranaleith’s Work and Spirit Series offers opportunities to reflect on how this awareness can be brought to bear on the way we work, lead and serve in the professional world. We do not need to leave parts of ourselves behind when we enter the office. We can create work environments that treat everyone with respect. We can find a healthy work-life balance. Our professional work can be part of realizing our dreams for a better life for the planet and everyone on it.

The Work and Spirit Series Audience

Professionals at any stage of their career and in any field, who seek to develop a deeper connection to their own spirit and want to encourage the spirit in their colleagues, will find a home here.

Igniting the Spirit of Purpose in the Workplace

Nurturing the human spirit can be seen as a daunting task.  “Igniting the Spirit of Purpose in the Workplace” sessions will enable you to refine your skills with an understanding that human spirit is a critical component to a happy, successful and productive workforce.


Embracing the Human Spirit of Leadership

This series of three workshops invites leaders from business and the professions to focus on the ways COVID-19 has caused everyone, at all levels of the economy, to rethink work.  We have had to adjust expectations, embrace ambiguity and reflect on our values and priorities personally and professionally.  Amidst major shifts in corporate culture, we will recalibrate how we choose to live and lead with integrity of spirit.



You can print a trifold brochure for Igniting the Spirit HERE, or Embracing the Spirit HERE. Please note, these brochures were designed for a professional printing press, so when printing at home or the office you may have to select ‘fit to print’ or ‘fit to screen.’


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