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The Work and Spirit Series is designed to provide breathing space for professionals to reflect on their deepest values and hopes for their own lives and for society. With retreats led by seasoned facilitators, Cranaleith offers a sanctuary-like setting for quiet reflection and a process for supportive dialogue with colleagues. Retreats range from one to several days and can be customized to the unique needs of an organization. Regardless of the program offering, participants have the opportunity to explore, from their own experience, what humanizes the workplace, honors the human spirit, and frees people to do their best work, from a sense of integrity and larger purpose.

Master Seminars: Advanced Professional Development For Leaders, Consultants, and Facilitators
Since 2012, over 100 leaders and consultants for nonprofit, educational, and religious organizations from the US and Europe have attended Cranaleith Master Seminars for in-depth exploration of the challenging dynamics they face in their work roles. Using an active and collaborative format for learning, these programs provide experienced leaders with an invaluable resource: protected time, stimulating content, and a supportive group of peers for thinking, planning, and restoration of their vision and energies. Master Seminars are led by Dr. Marisa Guerin.

Upcoming Master Seminar:  The Dynamics of Leadership, Planning, and Change in Faith-Based Organizations
Date: TBD
Facilitator: Marisa Guerin, PhD
Cost: Tuition and all meals: $400 Lodging: $50/night
This program is for persons holding leadership responsibility in religious congregations or in ministries or organizations sponsored by a faith community. Topics include: Understanding the roles, boundaries, power, and authority in faith-based systems; effective leadership under conditions of constant change; and methods of planning, decision-making, and conflict resolution.

If you would like to discuss the potential fit between your professional development goals and the seminars contact us at or call 215-934-6206.

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