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Date & Time Details: Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30-8:30 p.m. ET

Location: Online


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Seeking Shalom: Reflection and Practice for Living the Gospel of Jesus: Part 3 (online)

Phaedra D. Blocker, DMin

March 15, 2023

Session 3: For the Sake of Others

As imago Dei, we are created to reflect the Divine Community of Being—the Trinity.  As such, we are not “saved” or transformed solely for our individual benefit, but for the glory of God and to express the fullness of the imago Dei as community.  This session will explore the dimensions of how we live the Gospel as both the individual and communal body of Christ

The Series:

The Lenten season invites us into a period of deep reflection—not only on the life and passion of Jesus Christ, but also how we are called to be transformed and transforming as the Body of Christ in this world—agents and emissaries of God’s shalom. Join with us to explore and reflect upon what it means for us to not only hear but live the “good news.” Participants will have the opportunity to engage in individual and group/small group reflection, as well as actively exploring supportive spiritual practices and taking steps to shape (or perhaps reshape) a rule of life that helps them to more fully “live” the Gospel of Jesus.

  • March 1: Bridging a False Divide [between the Gospel and Social Justice]
  • March 8: The Inner Self in the Outer World
  • March 15: For the Sake of Others
  • March 22: My Invitation to Engage

Each session stands independently, so come to as many sessions as you are able.



Phaedra D. Blocker, DMin
Rev. Dr. Phaedra D. Blocker is a preacher, teacher, singer, spiritual director and retreat leader. Founder and principal of Word&Wisdom, she is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to move toward wholeness and actualize their potential as agents of change and shalom in the world.  She serves as Director of the Center…
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