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Date & Time Details: Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 6:30-8:30 p.m. ET

Location: Online


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Cancel Culture, Compromise and Grit – Confrontation & Troublemaking: Gospel Perspectives, part 3 (online)

Bernadette Rudolph

June 21, 2022

Today we are told, “Never surrender!  Never capitulate!  Cut down!  Isolate!  Cancel!”  Instead, Jesus proposes that we focus on our spiritual sameness, forgive one another, absorb evil to end it and love our enemies.  Is there any value in compromise and grit?

Confrontation and Troublemaking: Gospel Perspectives – a four-part series

Disagreements are inevitable; how we handle them is where we have options.  Injustices demand that we speak up, but how?  Our polarized society pushes us toward fighting, demonizing one another and cancelling people.  Emotionally, we may find ourselves both grieving and furious.  How can we heal and move in a life-giving direction?

The gospels lay out just such an option.  After all, Jesus was born into conflict – in a country ruled by another – and got into trouble with almost everyone.  His actions and teachings state clearly how to confront evil and bring peace.  Yet, the message is complex and living it is challenging.

This series will examine key stories, teachings and themes of Jesus, as well as the messages the gospel writers intended for their historical audiences.  We will have time for reflection and rich conversations, exploring how these stories can guide us through confrontation and troublemaking today.

Each session stands independent of the others, so feel free to join in as many as you can.


Bernadette Rudolph
With degrees in the liberal arts, religion and religious education and educational leadership, Bernadette has been a volunteer teacher on the Navajo Reservation, a middle school and high school teacher of literature, religion and math, a pastoral minister in a parish setting, a K-8 principal, adjunct faculty at several universities…
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