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Cranaleith’s “Coming Home, Becoming Whole” program offers retreat opportunities for returning veterans and those that serve vets.  These mini-retreats address the spiritual dimension of healing from the trauma of war in order to unmask the wound and contagion of violence in our society and to reveal streams of transforming grace through the experience of veterans. The retreats bring people together in a supportive environment to tend the soul-wounds of war, rekindle hope and compassion and reconnect to inner wisdom.

Upcoming Retreats:

What We Need Is Here: A Day of Gratitude and Hope for Women Veterans

Maria DiBello, RSM

November 20, 2021
Cranaleith Spiritual Center
As the year gathers to fullness, we invite you to a time of quiet wonder with other women vets over the abundance and promise we hold.  Come, savor the unique beauty of late autumn at Cranaleith that mirrors our own.
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We prioritize your health and safety with hospitality and mercy.