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Marissa Jacobs

Marissa Jacobs is an Environmental & Conservation Educator.  She blends the arts with science in order to bring glory to God’s Kingdom by teaching others about the wonderful natural world that God created and how to be stewards of that creation. Marissa is an international speaker, professional development facilitator, award-winning nature photographer & eco-gardener, and Certified Herbalist & National Geographic Educator.  She holds a B.S. in Conservation & Wildlife Management with a focus in Art & Education, and is currently working on obtaining her master’s in Environmental Education. Marissa has over ten years of environmental education experience for all ages, but specialized in adult pedagogy.

Visit her website, The Art of Ecology.

Events with Marissa Jacobs

Beyond the Sparrow: A Birding Walk, Talk and Spiritual Reflection Seminar
December 3, 2022

Join Marissa from The Art of Ecology for a faith-based foray into the world of birding.  Discover the many migratory birds that pass through Philadelphia and surrounding areas, visiting your community and utilizing the many trees, seeds, berries and feeders.  Consider God’s care for the birds, as described in the Bible,…