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Anneke Kat

Anneke obtained a B.A. in International Development and Social Change and a M.A. in Community Development and Planning, both from Clark University. She has several years of academic and practical experience working with refugees and youth on issues of education, economic empowerment, and employment. In 2013 she worked and studied in Namibia, focusing on youth development and nation-building within the context of post-conflict states.

Anneke is the first employee of Interfaith Philadelphia to be an alumna of the Walking the Walk Youth Initiative. She credits her experiences with Walking the Walk program as the catalyst of her pursuit of academic and professional endeavors focused on creating bridges of understanding between diverse communities. As a Philadelphia native, she has returned to the city to utilize her knowledge of advocacy, community outreach, and youth work in the interfaith community of Philadelphia.In her role at Interfaith Philadelphia, Anneke is responsible for managing all aspects of the Walking the Walk program and providing support or leadership to other interfaith programming. When she’s not working, you can find Anneke planning her next international adventure, listening to some live music with friends or exploring the city.