World Contemplative Spiritualities: Spiritual Practices of Wisdom Traditions
November 9, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

World Contemplative Spiritualities: Spiritual Practices of Wisdom Traditions

Human beings yearn for deep understanding of our place in the universe and our relationship with ultimate reality. Wisdom Traditions agree that there is an infinite Source to our existence, that human beings in our core are one with this divine Source, and that the true purpose of life is conscious experience of this ultimate Source. In this retreat, we will experience contemplative spiritualities and practices from a variety of traditions (Christian centering prayer, Hindu passage recitation, Zen mindfulness meditation, Sufi love poetry, and Nature spirituality walk), offering opportunities to engage as a group in the spirituality of stillness and attentiveness. The paths are many and rich, each of them revealing that we have an innate capacity to live life with deep purpose and great joy.

Contemplative Spirituality Retreats
In this age of global diversity and cosmic wonder, the time is ripe for a reverential, wide-angle appreciation of the One Spirit and the Many Paths. Contemplative spirituality retreats are gentle spaces where attendees can reflect on the lived experience of our unique spiritual journeys. The aim is to encourage moment-to-moment awareness of the One Spirit in all areas of our lives.

Past Participants
My hopes were beyond realized. Amazing experience which I will hold in my heart.
Wini is the complete package: content, presence, group dynamics, inspiring, authentic, human.
 Lots of good resources, including the bibliography to expand my reading and practice in contemplative modes.
The presentation and materials were excellent. I love the bibliography.

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Wini Wolff, MBA, MA