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Un-Selfing the Self: Dissolving into the Divine

February 22 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Un-Selfing the Self

Mystics from all spiritual traditions describe the disappearance of one’s self into the Absolute. And the world’s many contemplative traditions speak of the necessity of it: ‘dying to self’ and ‘self-emptying’ in Christianity; ‘self-less service’ and ‘true Self’ in Hinduism; ‘no self’ and ‘beyond self’ in Zen Buddhism; ‘self-renunciation’ and ‘losing one’s self in the Beloved’ in Sufism; and ‘freedom from the bondage of self’ in 12-step programs.

False self, true self, no self, self vs Self – what does all this mean? Surely “I” exist, so what does it mean for me to ‘un-self the self’? And why is it so important for spiritual growth and encountering the Divine? In this retreat, we will explore ‘un-selfing the self’ from a variety of contemplative perspectives so that it may offer compelling inspiration for our spiritual journeys and everyday lives.

Note: This program is a suitable follow-up to those who attended Wini’s previous retreats on Anthony de Mello or World Contemplative Spiritualties.

Contemplative Spirituality Retreats
In this age of global diversity and cosmic wonder, the time is ripe for a reverential, wide-angle appreciation of the One Spirit and the Many Paths. Contemplative spirituality retreats are gentle spaces where attendees can reflect on the lived experience of our unique spiritual journeys. The aim is to encourage moment-to-moment awareness of the One Spirit in all areas of our lives.

Past Participants
Wini is an excellent facilitator, one of the best I have ever experienced.
Wini is the complete package: content, presence, group dynamics, inspiring, authentic, human.


Wini Wolff, MBA, MA

Date: February 22
Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Event CategorySpiritual Program
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