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From Resentment to Hope: Forgiving Our Society

April 24 @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
$15 – $30

Does it seem that “the powers that be” are screwing things up and there is little we can do about it?  Even with deep faith and a commitment to love, we can still be overcome with bitterness about injustice, betrayal, dehumanization and indifference. We may find ourselves increasingly cynical and without hope: we may withdraw from relationships, stop voting or leave the Church in disgust and despair. We want to let go of resentment, but we cannot imagine a realistic alternative.

What if we could do something right now, today, to restore the hope in our hearts?  When we take time to understand God’s forgiveness and let it enliven us, a path opens to a very different future.  We find ourselves empowered to work toward the transformation of our social fabric. Join us in applying a measure of healing power to our societal life while experiencing a harvest of peace within ourselves.

Cost: $30; $15 for students.  Scholarships are available, because everyone is welcome at Cranaleith.  Please write to info@cranaleith.org so we can assist you.

Cranaleith Spiritual Center Anti-racism Program Series
Cranaleith Spiritual Center has renewed its commitment to tend to the spiritual side of the struggle against racism. Join us at any point in our series of retreats and conversations on anti-racism. Together, we trace an arc of awareness that supports courage and hope. Don’t worry if you’ve missed a program. Each one stands on its own and will enrich your anti-racism journey through constructive discussion, reflection and prayer. And, yes, there will be more to come!

Past Retreats:
October 2020: “The Fierce Urgency of Now: A Retreat on Anti-racism”
January 2021: “Deep River: African American Spirituality”
February 2021: “Change the Narrative: Young Adults on Anti-racism”

Coming Soon:
April 24, 2021: “From Resentment to Hope: Forgiving Our Society”
So much in our society — including the evil of racism — has led us to cynicism and despair!  Discover the need for hope and how forgiveness can realistically get us there.  Scott Hutchinson, a trauma therapist and minister in the United Church of Christ, will share a way forward.

Scott Hutchinson

Date: April 24
Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Cost: $15 – $30
Venue Name: Online

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