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At the Edge of Waiting: Wisdom and Contemplation in Celtic Spirituality


Register The summer solstice is one of the eight great festivals of Celtic spirituality.  It initiates the season of growth and celebrates light.  Divine creativity bursts forth around us and in us.  God invites us into something more than we have already become.  We stand “at the edge of the world.”  Let Celtic spirituality, which...


Caste: Cranaleith Book Circle


Register today! Join in this summer’s Cranaleith book circle focused on Caste, the latest book from Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Isabel Wilkerson!  This spirited, thought-provoking exploration will consider themes and insights particularly as they pertain to our individual and collective spiritual lives and the critical concern of racism.  In each of the three 90-minute conversations, we will cultivate consciousness around...


Reconnecting with Cranaleith: An Outdoor Contemplative Morning

Cranaleith Spiritual Center 13475 Proctor Road, Philadelphia

REGISTRATION OPENS JULY 1 Countless visitors to Cranaleith talk about how it has opened them up to peace, healing and God –and how much they have missed Cranaleith during the pandemic.  This program is an opportunity for friends of Cranaleith to come onsite and enjoy the beauty of Cranaleith that touches the soul. This program...


Interspiritual Practice of Zen and Christianity


Registration opens July 1. Scholarships are available, because everyone is welcome at Cranaleith! This experiential workshop will instruct and engage participants in Zen meditation as a contemplative prayer form that helps you open to God’s presence here and now, beyond words and concepts. Zen practice will be presented as a way to love God with...


Invited to Something New: An Outdoor Morning Retreat

Cranaleith Spiritual Center 13475 Proctor Road, Philadelphia

Registration opens July 1! Scholarships are available, because everyone is welcome at Cranaleith! If you do not have much experience with a spiritual center or a retreat, here’s your opportunity to check them out!  Cranaleith is here to support people on their spiritual journey.  Its natural beauty, pond, trees and history can each be an avenue to go deeper or slow down.  Cranaleith also offers a labyrinth walk, the Stations of the Cross and reflective...

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